Biathlon 10m Mechanical Target Set | Standing and Laying Shooting

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Biathlon 10 m mechanical target for lying or standing shots

This complete mechanical target (2 blocks CIME10) homologated by the FFS is intended for air biathlon rifles for laying shots or standing shots at 10 m. Diameter of adjustable visuals of 40 mm, 30 mm and 20 mm.


Content of the entire mechanical target

Mechanical Target Biathlon 10 m FFS for air rifles, standing or laying shots

  • A so-called "high" foot (1.4m) which will support the 2 target blocks with a 2.5 cm
  • 2 blocks of target CIME10 approved FFS with a base diameter of 40 mm
  • A base on which one can optionally assemble wheels and / or fix to the ground
  • The strings are supplied 4 reducers :
    • 2 reducer of 30 mm recto blanc / recto noir (1 for each block)
    • 2 reducer of 20 mm recto blanc / recto noir (1 for each block)


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