Biathlon, a history of sport and sharing

At the beginning of the history, the activity of manufacturing laser rifles intended for biathlon was anchored within a mountain sport association at Sappey in Chartreuse: the ASFAMM (Association of Cross-Country Skiing and Activities of Medium Mountain). The activity is developing and having a strong impact in the region, the creation of a company becomes indispensable and Kiwi Précision is born at the end of 2011. The spirit of sharing and discovery of the sport remains one of the strong values of the actors of this adventure.
A passionate and experienced team

The Kiwi Precision team is made up of shooting and biathlon enthusiasts who want to transmit and promote their sport. Together they complement each other and form a professional and dynamic team.

Picture of Jean-Pierre Amat
Jean-Pierre AMAT

His motto "My passion is my job": Olympic Shot Medalist, World Champions, European Champion, individual and team, world record holder. Jean-Pierre is now coach of the French biathlon team in the shooting section. Within Kiwi Precision he ensures the perfection of the products, both in terms of shooting technique and security

Photo by David Thievent


Its, motto "Share the sport". Engineer in prevention and safety, David is also involved in various sports associations to make known and develop sport for all and especially for young people. Within Kiwi Precision, it guarantees the smooth running of the production organization, the search for local suppliers and customer relations.

Photo of Antoine Kevorkian


Its motto "Commit". Engineer in physics and specialist in industrial lasers, Antoine has already created his company. At Kiwi Precision, he oversees the overall operation of the company, technical developments, and the financial side. He shares his creative experience with the various Kiwi actors.


Cyril AMAT

Its motto "Service and PRO solution". Production Technician, Cyril is passionate about sports shooting and biathlon. As part of Kiwi Precision, it ensures the daily production, sales follow-up and deliveries. He is your privileged interlocutor.

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